Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Erudite Mom

Hello, I'm the Erudite Mom, and I'll be posting here from time to time my thoughts on what it was like to raise up a kid with Asperger's...and not knowing it. We're really a family that tends to pooh-pooh spurious psych diagnoses, champions of a pull yourself up by your bootstraps sort of a mentality, and generally do not like expecting people to accommodate themselves to our little quirks just because they are ours. On the other hand, it's nice to know that some of her little quirks aren't just her being dense, or arrogant (okay, she is that sometimes), or rude or any other tag that might be put on a person on the Spectrum. She's had to learn all the little social niceties that most of us understand instinctively from a very young age by rote, not easy, in fact exhausting. It was hard on both of us as she was growing up. It still is, actually. It's been an adventure.

You'll hear from me about the trials of being a mom of an inexplicable kid, how I coped, and mostly how SHE coped (usually amazingly, which is why she went undiagnosed for so long). Along with EA, I hope you'll participate in the conversation by sharing your own adventures, because although we've been on this journey for almost 35 years, we've also just begun it. Here's to a journey with no real destination but much to learn along the way!


The Erudite Mom

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  1. And we have many years still to go in this great process we call life!