Saturday, January 1, 2011

A brand new year, a brand new blog, let the adventure start!

Hello everyone.

Wow, my first blog post.  Though I have been reading blogs for years, I never thought that my life was interesting enough to start writing one myself.  Times change.  I promise to keep this blog cogent to the topic of Autism, and NOT bore you all with cute pictures of my cats and descriptions of what I am having for dinner.  I'll save that for Facebook.

As you can guess by the blog title and the about me section, I have Asperger's Disorder.  This link will explain what that is for those that don't know.  I have only recently been diagnosed (Asperger's is a very tricky thing to recognize and often gets misdiagnosed, especially in adults), and though nothing has changed in one sense as I am still the person I always was, everything has changed as I now know WHY I am the way I am and can use that information to strive to become a better me.

My purpose in starting this blog is to start conversation and create community.  So please, post away.  We are only as strong as we are together.

Happy New Year and God's blessings on you all,



  1. Sometimes you have to start from scratch and it ain't always easy but who knows, it might be the direction God intends for you to take. Life is not without its challenges and trials and tribulations and the hard part is staying afloat and keeping your head above water.