Sunday, March 17, 2013

EA is leaving soon as she can manage it


I have political and economic reasons for wanting to leave CA--basically, it is too expensive here to have any sort of standard of living on one salary, and I don't like the politics.  I had been planning to do so for quite a while, but was holding off until I get trained to be a Nuclear Medicine Technician and had some hiring power.  I haven't totally given up on the Nuc Med dream, but things change.  There are thousands of people going for under 30 slots in the Nuc Med program, so as much as I have worked to get it, I just can't count on it.  Plus, there aren't that many jobs after you graduate.  Dreams collide with reality and require adjustments.

And then...well, to summarize, the man I love asked me what size ring I wore and what style I like, planned ring shopping with me, then sent me an email the day after Valentine's saying he could only offer friendship.  I am sure I don't have to explain how that felt, or explain why I need, NEED to get out of the state for personal reasons as well.

Sooooo....I am hedging my bets.  While still planning on applying for the Nuc Med program and preparing to do so, I am also applying for jobs.  My goal states are Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, though the Dakotas would work, and I actually just today applied for a position in Nebraska.

Will I miss my family and friends?  OF COURSE.  Will I miss my family at St. Andrew's--and they ARE my family in every way that matters when I am gone?  Oh, so very much.

But do I have to go?


I need a fresh start.

And sometimes the only way to get that is to entirely move away.

Plus, I hate the weather in California.  :)

God bless.