Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thor's Hammer

On Sunday, September 30th, on the last day of Faire at Grass Valley, CA with St. Andrew's Noble Order of the Royal Scots, I was given the Thor's Hammer.

The Thor's Hammer is a once in a lifetime award given to the person who is considered to have worked hard in general, and especially for that particular Faire.  Seeing as this was my first year, I was and still am humbled and honored to get this, to cherish this, to be part of my Faire family.

But more importantly, as an Aspie, this means a LOT to me because it means one very important thing. I AM DOING IT RIGHT.  Because no matter how hard I worked if I were not liked by my peers, I seriously doubt they would have voted for me.  If I was not liked by my peers, I would not be invited to pool parties later.  Or talked too late at night over beer, or trusted.

And thank GOD, because I want to do it right.  I want to control my Aspie self.  And here but for the grace of God go I, it seems to be happening. Not that I can let down my guard, but...

And I have worn it every day since.  One day I might take it off.  But right now, it just means too much.

God bless,